NYM Group is dedicated to providing the right variety and combination of solutions to suit the janitorial and maintenance needs of properties with both interior and exterior common area services. With a commitment to quality cleaning and customer focus, we consistently deliver the superior results that our clients expect.

We can design a cleaning program to meet your specific property and tenant needs. From daily cleaning of common areas to tenant suite maintenance, we will tailor our services to meet your asset and client needs.

We have a long list of references, and an outstanding reputation. Both are direct results of the company’s belief that our clients are more than square feet and more than hallways and offices – they are partners. Our resolution to build long-term, tailored partnerships is what guarantees the satisfaction of our customers and our employees, and the continued growth of the organization.

We can offer a variety of cleaning methods and products to meet your property needs, from green products to managing the products’ application and use. Our commitment to bring savings to our clients is our focus. With our market leverage for products and services, we are able to refine these costs with a direct savings to the clients we service.